Soldiers on Sleds

Let's give the Hero's a week-end of fun!

​       2024 Soldiers on Sleds Ride Application

Soldiers on Sleds will be taking applications for the 2024 ride beginning

November 1st, 2023.

The ride dates are February 16th through February 19th, 2024

Soldiers on Sleds
1772 Moon Road
St. Germain, WI 54558
Phone: 1-715-542-2261

2024 Annual Appreciation Ride Application

Name: __________________________________________________ Branch of Service; ___________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________ Rate/MOS: __________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _____________  Zip Code: ____________    Currently in Service Yes [  ] No [  ]

Home Phone: 1 - ______-_______-__________                                                Cell: 1-_______-________-__________

I am currently an active duty member of the armed forces including the Coast Guard, and National Guard: YES [   ]   NO  [   ]

(Soldiers on Sleds is NOT a veterans organization. All participants must be current members of the Armed Forces of the United States Military)

I have served military service overseas in a combat zone:     YES  [   ]    NO    [   ]       WHERE? ______________    DATES:    From ________ to __________

Snowmobiling Experience Level:  Beginner [  ]        Intermediate [  ]        Experienced  [  ]

Do you own a sled now?                 Yes [  ]       No [  ]  

Will you be bringing it with you?       Yes [  ]       No [  ]

I have my own helmet?     YES [  ]   NO  [  ]

Jacket Size Women SM [  ] M [  ] L [  ]  XL [  ] 2XL [  ]

                    Men    SM [  ] M [  ] L [  ]  XL [  ] 2XL [  ]                           If size is tall   mark here     [  ]

Boot Size      Women    ___________________
                       Men         ___________________

Do you have transportation to get to St. Germain WI, Lake Tomahawk, WI, or Watersmeet MI?     Yes [  ]      No [  ]

(If you intend to fly in, we can pick you up at the Eagle River Airport, the Rhinelander, or the Iron Mountain Airport.)

Are there any physical limitations we should know about when considering your application?         Yes [  ]     No [  ]

If yes, please describe? Use extra sheets if necessary and attach to the application.





Please Note: Sleeping arrangements are Barracks style. We accept both men and women on our ride. Depending where our accommodations are, there may be only one common bathroom and shower. If these arrangements do not meet your criteria, Please, do not apply!

If you are bringing your own sled, please be advised, we do not allow riding alone, or in small groups. We always ride together, and as one Soldiers on Sleds group. We do not ride from bar to bar, or adventure off the established trail system. This type of riding is not what this organized ride is all about.  If you are going to drink an alcoholic beverage you may do so AFTER we finish our ride for the day. We DO NOT Drink Alcohol and Drive.Sleds! You will also need to purchase a Michigan Trail Pass for your sled.

The Soldiers on Sleds organization is not a Veterans organization. Our program is designed for current active duty military personnel who have served in an assignment overseas in a combat zone. The program is designed with more than simple snowmobiling in mind. For more information please visit our website at:


In order to apply, please read, fill out this application, and sign below. Then mail your application to the address above. Soldiers on Sleds Annual Appreciation Ride has only a limited numbers of slots available. If you are chosen to participate, we will contact you directly.  If you are not chosen this year, please keep trying. Soldiers on Sleds will let you know if you are accepted for this year’s ride by December 31st, 2023. Before the ride begins, all participants are required to sign a waiver releasing Soldiers on Sleds for all liabilities or damage to property and/or personal injury. Please read and sign below.. Our sponsors and patrons expect us to conduct our program in a responsible manner, If you cannot follow the Soldiers on Sleds rules, please do not apply. 

I have read and understand all the above and wish to submit my application for the 2022 Soldiers on Sleds Annual Appreciation Ride and wish to submit my application.

Signed: _______________________________________________ Date: __________________________________________  

Printed Name: __________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________ City: _______________State: ___________ Zip: ________